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Camp Rules

  • Follow the coaches’ instructions at all times

  • Remain with the group at all times

  • Biking must be supervised and approved by a Camp Velo coach

  • The use of personal electronics is not permitted

  • Always be accompanied by another person when using the restroom

  • Follow traffic laws and yield for pedestrians

  • Do not share equipment, food, or drink

  • Possession or use of narcotics, alcohol, and weapons is strictly forbidden


  • Treat others with respect

  • Theft, or other violations of other’s personal property is not acceptable

  • Obscene language, gestures, or insult are not acceptable

  • Violence of any kind is not permitted

  • Violation of any of these rules may result in immediate dismissal

  • Have a great time and enjoy the Camp!

Other Important Information
  • Riders must use their own bike and helmet. All equipment riders bring to camp must be functional. Camp Velo will not be held responsible for any damages to personal property.

  • All helmets must abide by ASTM or CPSC standards for riders under 18. Equipment attached to helmets or bikes is done at the rider’s own risk.

  • Riders cannot leave camp without having logged sign-in and sign-out information. Sign-in and sign-out must be conducted by authorized adults.

  • Appropriate clothing for biking must be worn, including closed-toed shoes. No loose clothing that can get caught in bike parts is allowed.

  • A Camp Velo t-shirt must be worn by riders during camp. 

  • Camp Velo is not responsible for lost or forgotten personal items, including bikes and equipment.

  • Familiarize yourself with the terms of the Participant Agreement before participating in Camp Velo.

  • Late pickup fees apply ($20 for 0-15 minutes, $45 for 16-30 minutes, $75 for over 30 minutes).

  • Payment must be made in full before registration is complete.

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