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Cycling Ability Levels

To best accommodate your child, please assess your child’s riding ability based on the criteria below. You will be asked to identify what level best suits your child on the sign-up form. Campers must be age 6-14.  

► 1: Beginner 

Beginner riders are riders in the very early stages of bicycling, whose skills fall under the criteria below. Unfortunately, Camp Velo does not offer groups for riders at this level. 

  • Any rider below the first grade 

  • Can only balance with support or training wheels

  • Uncomfortable starting and stopping

  • Uncomfortable turning

  • Uncomfortable using breaks

  • Frequently breaking with shoes

  • Uncomfortable riding in a straight line

  • Uncomfortable about riding their bike

  • Lacking endurance or focus for longer rides

  • Can comfortably ride less than a half mile on the sidewalk

►►Level 2: Novice

Novice riders are comfortable riding in a group and can understand the basics of riding a bicycle. 

  • Can ride in a straight line, drive their bike, and avoid obstacles.

  • Can comfortably mount their bike 

  • Can comfortably reduce their speed and stop

  • Can comfortably ride one mile on leveled terrain

►►►Level 3: Intermediate

Intermediate riders have experience riding for long distances and are fairly comfortable on their bikes.

  • can comfortably control their bike

  • can comfortably control their speed in descents

  • can comfortably drive with one hand to perform turn signals

  • can comfortably turn their head behind them without swerving

  • can comfortably stand on their pedals

  • can comfortably ride on uneven surfaces like light gravel or dirt

  • can comfortably ride 3-4 miles including small and medium inclines

►►►►Level 4: Advanced

Advanced riders are capable of fully controlling their bike at an advanced level and can focus on riding for long distances.

  • Can safely and comfortably ride on streets

  • Can comfortably use their gears to choose a cadence

  • Can comfortably drive their bike with one hand for extended times

  • Prefers a faster pace

  • Can comfortably climb large or steep hills

  • Can comfortably ride six or more miles without stopping

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